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“Our 21st century economy and democracy demand a new teaching profession, where America's most accomplished teachers routinely spread their expertise, enforce standards of teaching excellence, transform teacher preparation and certification, and redesign and lead their own schools.”
Barnett Berry, president, Center for Teaching Quality

“It's pay now or pay later — and pay more. It will cost less to prevent dropouts than to pick up all the bills they hand to society — for welfare and food stamps and subsidized housing, for crime and jails and police, for millions of people who aren't productive participants in the labor force, permanently or temporarily.”
from an editorial in the (Newport News) Daily Press

“As I have surveyed students over the years, I’ve never found a class that would choose anything other than hands-on activities as their most enjoyable learning experience.”
Anthony Cody, former teacher and current professional development coach

“Technology is expensive. But it is simply the cost of doing business and we need to recognize it as such."
Maureen Grosheider, a local school board president in Pennsylvania

"A better balance of spending between the 'Dora the Explorer' years of early childhood and the teenage 'Facebook' years would help improve the health, education and well-being of all children in the long term."
From a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which notes that U.S. spending on children under six lags behind comparable spending in many industrialized nations

“Every time we lobby for increased funding for education, we make a difference. Each time we hug a child, we make a difference. Every time we stand up at a school board meeting advocating for what is best for children, we make a difference.”
Former NEA ESP of the Year Karen Mahurin, a school secretary in Alaska

“Whatever the benefits of newer electronic media, they provide no measurable substitute for the intellectual and personal development initiated and sustained by frequent reading.”
Dana Gioia, chairman, National Endowment for the Arts

“They have a feel for passion. They can sense it. And as soon as they sense that you really care, not only about them, but about their future, they open up to you. And you have very few behavioral problems in the classroom.”
2009 U.S. Teacher of the Year Anthony Mullen, a special ed teacher from Connecticut



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