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Good 'Cents' for
Our Environment

Students have an opportunity to pitch in and lend a hand to help wildlife and wild places by being a part of the Audubon Society's "Pennies for the Planet" educational fundraising campaign. Pennies for the Planet can be a powerful tool for teaching environmental issues and motivating students to become involved in protecting our diverse planet.

Kits are available, and each contains a poster and educator's guide, 24 take-home newsletters for students, and a participation form. Classes can set up their own Pennies for the Planet collection jar in public places such as a library, pet store or garden center, or they can choose to fill their jars at school.

Each student or class that raises money or shares information about their conservation action project will be recognized on the Pennies for the Planet website.

For more information, visit

NEA Partners With
Teaching Network

NEA Member Benefits (NEA MB) has partnered with TeachAde, an online, collaborative community for educators that helps members connect with each other to share best practices and resources, and will be making TeachAde available on the newly-revamped NEA MB website.

This new collaboration is part of NEA MB's emphasis on subjects of primary importance to members: money, everyday living, professional resources, health and wellness, and travel and leisure. TeachAde currently has over 10,000 educator participants, enables school staff members to talk with each other about topics such as 21st-century skills, curriculum and instruction, and National Board certification, while sharing expertise, experiences and materials. When a teacher specifies his or her subject/grade, TeachAde's database will regularly send customized, teacher-created resources directly to the teacher.

"As a special education teacher, I have found TeachAde to be an invaluable support tool, allowing me to reach out to other teachers in my school district as well as communicating with my students' parents to keep them updated on their child's progress," says Donna Meyerhoeffer, a member of the Bedford County Education Association and a teacher at Staunton River High School.
To access TeachAde, go to

Website Offers Thousands
of Classroom Resources

Rookie and veteran teachers alike who are looking for a new twist, a different angle, or something that's been tried-and-true by a seasoned colleague can check out the material offered on the website TeachersFirst. The site features over 10,000 resources, all reviewed and approved by teachers, including lesson plans, brain twisters, hot topics and more.

Resources are sorted and reviewed by grade and subject and include descriptions and practical suggestions for classroom use. New resources are added weekly.

To learn more, visit


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