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Put Yourself Up
for Adoption

Educators are always looking for ways to develop community support and involvement, and Adopt-A-Classroom can be a way to connect with people beyond the walls of your building. Teachers can sign up at, describe on the site what kind of supplies you’d like to buy, and then let parents and others know that they can adopt you and your students for as little as $25. Funds are used to make purchases from the online vendors associated with the site.

There’s also a Classroom Locator on the site, which allows donors to search for an underserved classroom in their area.

Make History In
Your Classroom

Ever watched a program, or heard about one, on The History Channel that you thought might be useful in your classroom? Check out the network’s “Classroom” website for resources such as:
     • Numerous links to sites related to network programs;
     • Ideas from other teachers who’ve used the site;
     • A “This Day in History” feature;
     • A video gallery;
     • Games;
     • Link to “Save Our History,” an initiative dedicated to preserving local heritage;
     • Speech archive; and
     • A special newsletter for teachers.

To find out more, visit

Helping Youngsters
Understand Disabilities

Easter Seals, the country’s leading nonprofit provider of disability services, has created a new teaching tool to help elementary school students learn about children and adults with disabilities. The curriculum, called “Friends Who Care,” can be downloaded for free.

Friends Who Care is designed to teach what it’s like to live with a disability and how people with disabilities adapt, and to encourage other children to accept their peers with disabilities as people first and to find ways to include them in their activities.

To download the curriculum, go to



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