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Check Out the National Gallery's Online Offerings
for Students of All Ages

One of the most popular field trip destinations in our nation’s capital is the National Gallery of Art, which features works by some of the greatest artists in the world. Now you can bring some of those works into your classroom through three online education programs created by the Gallery:

• NGA Classroom. Here, you’ll find online lessons and interactive features for students, with access to resources, exhibition-related materials, and school-specific articles (
• NGA Loan Materials. This offers materials for loan that make the Gallery’s collections available to a wider audience (
• NGA Kids. This is suitable for children of all ages, and encourages artistic exploration and creativity (

It’s Good to Be ‘Out There’

When someone says a student is “out there,” it’s not often a good thing. But the National Wildlife Federation wants to change that. NWF is sponsoring an initiative called “Be Out There,” which is meant to inspire families—and classes—to open the door and get a little fresh air outside.

NWF’s program is aimed at improving the wellbeing of children, who are spending less time outdoors than ever before.

For more information on “Be Out There,” visit

'Teacher’s Website
Fights Bullying

While adults realize that there is strength in diversity, children often seize upon differences as an excuse to pick on others. According to, a stunning 77 percent of students say they’ve been bullied physically, verbally or emotionally at some time, and 8 percent miss at least one day per month for fear of bullies.

To help stem this tide, a 45-year veteran of teaching in Los Angeles, Arlene Richardson, has created Bing Note, a website that offers books, music and more, all aimed at young children, encouraging them to believe in their own value and build character. There’s a musical bee character, Bingzy, who leads children through activities, along with motivational messages, posters and interactive CDs.

To learn more, visit

We Need Female Engineers

The many varieties of engineering, all excellent careers, continue to be dominated by men. Because of this shortage of women in technology fields, the National Academy of Engineering has created Engineer Girl (, a website designed to help interest young women in careers they may not have considered. Topics include the types of careers available, profiles of women engineers, and what classes girls should take in high school if interested.


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