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“How to keep education from coming to a screeching halt.”
Mark Emblidge, president, Virginia Board of Education, on the main challenge facing government during this recession

“To point the way to something that should forever lure them, when the TV set is broken and the movie is over and the school bell has rung for the last time.”
Bel Kaufman, author of Up the Down Staircase, on one purpose of teaching

“[Learning] is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never fear, and never dream of regretting.”
Author T.H. White

“If you give the reward at the individual level, all of a sudden my peers are no longer my colleagues—they’re my competitors. If you give it at the school level, then you’re going to foster feelings of team membership.”
C. Kirabo Jackson, assistant professor of labor economics, Cornell University, on merit pay plans

“Children have different likes, talents, desires and potential, and must be treated as such.”
Bernard Fryshman, professor, New York Institute of Technology

“Large-scale tests in two or three subjects do a poor job of assessing and assisting individual progress across a rich curriculum. They provide too little information, too infrequently, in too narrow a format.”
Monty Neill, interim executive director, National Center for Fair & Open Testing

“To prepare students to be ethical, engaged citizens, we must give them meaningful opportunities to practice freedom responsibility in a school culture that encourages shared decision making, service learning, peer mediation, ethical use of the Internet, and a free student press.”
Charles C. Haynes, senior scholar, First Amendment Center

“A typical high school student is aware of environmental issues. . .and might have bumper-sticker answers to lapel-pin questions. But do our students know where the trash goes when it leaves their house? The leading source of greenhouse gas emissions? Why we recycle? Glass and aluminum, after all, are not rare resources.”
Mike Weilbacher, director, Lower Merion (PA) Conservancy

“There is no significant learning without a significant relationship.”
Educator and writer James Comer



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