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Helping Kids Care
for Their Health

Nutrition, physical activity, mental health, dental care—all are important health topics that our young people need to develop a working knowledge of. Educators can now help them do that through a website that features colorful characters, live action video and interactive games to get students excited about lifestyle change and health education.

The site,, offers Web-based activities and lesson plans designed for elementary, middle and secondary school students, and its educator section features health logs, links and even recipes.

Of the sites over 100,000 members, some 60,000 are teachers who use the materials in classroom settings.

Hitting the Books with
The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has created a multimedia website offering a bevy of resources from its collections designed to encourage reading books and to interest users in learning about the authors and illustrators who create them.

The programming on the site,, includes author webcasts, classic books, reading lists, local resources, contests and Library of Congress events. There are sections for kids, teens and educators.

Making a Mint

The U.S. Mint has numerous resources for use in the classroom, but how can an educator make heads or tails out of it all? Try stopping by; there, you’ll find teacher content that’s updated monthly, classroom activities and coin-centric lesson plans tied to topics in social studies, language arts, math and science.

Edutopia: Not in a
Galaxy Far Away

It’s not really sci-fi; in fact, it’s research-based and factual, although Star Wars creator George Lucas is involved. Edutopia is the George Lucas Educational Foundation’s magazine on educational innovation, and offers practical, hands-on insight into what works now, what’s on the horizon, and who’s shaping the changing future of education.

Check it out, along with blogs, videos and special reports, at Registration is required, but is free.



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