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“When school nurses become primary care providers, as happens all too frequently today, we’re well past the time for health care reform. Students can’t learn unless they come to school healthy.”
Jaim Foster, member of the Fairfax Education Association, during Congressional testimony in March

“Knowing what education should be doing in an age in which people are likely to have more than 10 jobs by age 42, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, has greatly complicated matters. Further exacerbating the situation is the projection that the top 10 jobs that will be in demand for today’s students don’t yet exist.”
John M. Eger, chair, communications and public policy department, San Diego State University

“Every great teacher is part motivational coach, skillfully leveraging energy and language to lift students up and draw out high performance.”
Marc R. Major, author, The Teacher’s Survival Guide

“Our public schools are the personnel division for our democracy.”
John Glenn, former U.S. Senator from Ohio

“Educators are in a position to advocate for children and to assist parents and families in building safe, decent communities. They are in a position to help bridge the now widening gap between the I and we in America.”
Charles Taylor Kerchner, co-author, United Mind Workers

“Instead of focusing only on large, expensive sports facilities, schools should create indoor-outdoor fitness centers that all students can benefit from through dance, yoga, work in kitchen gardens, and exploration of nature trails.”
Prakash Nair, architect specializing in school design with Fielding Nair International

"Our students are not at risk at any level ... by virtue or rank that they don't possess a cell phone. I think it's incumbent on this board to eliminate as many distractions as we can possibly eliminate."
Hampton School Board Chairman Fred Brewer, after the board voted to ban cell phones from city middle schools next year

“Schools need to be structured so adults can be in sync with one another, as a prerequisite to being in sync with the kids.”
Julia Steiny, co-director of Information Works!, Rhode Island’s school-accountability project

“For the millions and millions of struggling Americans who wake up each day and worry about the uncertain future that awaits their children—we remain their only path to a meaningful and rewarding life.”
U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan


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