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VEA MembersTake McGlothlin Teaching Awards

Two Association members are the winners of the 2009 McGlothlin Awards for Teaching Excellence, presented annually by the McGlothlin Foundation to outstanding teachers in southwest Virginia and parts of Tennessee, West Virginia and Kentucky. This year’s winners are Elizabeth Lester of the Martinsville Education Association, a first grade teacher at Patrick Henry Elementary School, and Jayanne Bridges of the Montgomery County Education Association, a science teacher at Christiansburg Middle School. The Awards, among the largest teaching prizes in the U.S., come with a $25,000 check.

Among the finalists for the Awards were Teresa Hash of the Smyth County Education Association and Erin Wigginton of the Pulaski County Education Association. Each received a $1,000 check.

Alicia Deel, a member of the Buchanan Education Association, has earned national recognition from the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET). A teacher at Grundy High School, Deel was named a recipient of the NASET Special Education Teacher’s Award, which honors teachers across the U.S. who demonstrate outstanding achievement in curriculum development, engagement with students, innovation and quality teaching.

Montgomery County Education Association member Teresa Helms, a teacher at Blacksburg High School, has won the State Teacher Award for Virginia in the Siemens Awards for Advanced Placement. She’s a 35-year veteran of the classroom and has taught AP Calculus for nearly 20 years.

Elizabeth Castillo, a member of the Arlington Education Association and a sixth grade science teacher at Kenmore Middle School, has been named the county’s Teacher of the Year. She’s taught in Arlington for 28 years.

Bristol Virginia Education Association member Heather Lawson, a teacher at Stonewall Jackson Elementary School, won the 2009 Rotary Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

Education Association of Suffolk member Renita Langston, who teaches pre-algebra at John F. Kennedy Middle School, has been selected as the city’s 2009 Middle School Teacher of the Year.



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