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“For a long time, bullying was treated as an unavoidable part of growing up. But, more and more we’re seeing how harmful it can be to our kids, especially when it follows them from their school to their phone to their computer screen.”
President Barack Obama

 “Almost everyone in the family has been schoolteachers, been in education forever. My dad was a principal and coach. My sister was a superintendent of schools in West Virginia. We believe in public education. We think it's important in our country to have it and for us to support it."
New York Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni, on the decision for his son to attend public school in NY

“I don’t think you fully appreciate what it is you do for the kids that pass through your classrooms, because typically you don’t hear from people like me. For borderline kids like me, you have the capacity to make all the difference.”
Robert Kirby, columnist, Salt Lake Tribune, speaking to members of the Utah Education Association

“Adolescent literacy is the linchpin of standards-based instruction for middle and high school student achievement.”
Mariana Haynes, senior fellow, Alliance for Excellent Education

“Learning is work of the head and work of the heart. A climate of fear thwarts all of the goals of higher learning.”
Maurice Elias, director, Social-Emotional Learning Lab, Rutgers University

“I think that society has to be careful not to shift all of its resources to the elderly versus the young. I get very concerned when people talk about cutting education budgets.”
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

“International comparisons deceive us into thinking the goal of our work is to catch up with Shanghai. Instead, our goal is to fulfill our own unique mandate to educate every child to high standards, a mandate which makes educators proud.”
Gerald N. Tirozzi, executive director, National Association of Secondary School Principals

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it."
French essayist Joseph Joubert

“I think shows like Jersey Shore make it harder on teachers. Every day I tell kids, ‘Good behavior will pay off.’ Then they go home and watch that show and say, ‘Wait a minute, Mr. Danza, you’re wrong. Bad behavior pays off.’”
Actor Tony Danza, who taught 10th grade English for a year in the A&E series Teach




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