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Three Candidates Vie
for NEA Director Slot

Three Association members are running for a position as one of the VEA’s representatives on the National Education Association Board of Directors. Voting will take place from April 25-May 8 and, for the first time, will be conducted both on paper and online. For information about the voting process, go to the VEA website at and click on “VEA Election Central.”

Here are brief statements from each candidate:

Charlotte B. Hayer
Richmond City
It’s time for a “CHANGE” to come to public education. We are facing some challenging times that will require all of us working cohesively to bring about change. VEA must meet these challenges with experienced leadership on the national level that will advocate for Virginia’s children and public school employees.

I have been an advocate for public education and its employees for the past 19 years in Virginia on all levels of the association. I believe that my experience on NEA Resolutions for six years has helped prepare me for this assignment. Currently serving on ABTEL and my local board of directors, I have had the opportunity to advocate for change. I have the leadership skills, ability and experience to serve you as your voice on legislative issues for public education. It would be an honor and privilege to represent you on the NEA Board of Directors for Virginia.

Tommie McCune
Campbell County
I have always been an advocate for Great Public Schools. As I am presently in my 33rd year of teaching, I continue to focus on the challenges that impact all of our children and all levels of educators. Virginia’s children deserve someone who is dedicated, determined and dependable.

However, the challenges require the efforts of all teachers, educational support personnel, retired teachers, and parents to team together to ensure the success of our children’s future.  I want to be the voice that will carry your concerns and desires to Washington and make it happen for us all.

I served one year as an NEA Board Member with non-voting privileges and I know how laws are passed. I now ask your support in allowing me to be a part of endorsing the national mandates that spell success for Virginia’s children.  My vision is to move the Association forward.

A. Ramon Moore
Chesterfield County
Change is what we need! As NEA Director, my goal is to unite our organization by encouraging many young teaching professionals like myself to join our ranks to work collaboratively for positive change for educators on the national level. While I have only been an educator for seven years, I bring a fresh perspective that will generate new synergies needed within the ranks of NEA/VEA leadership.

Additionally, I promise to advocate empowerment through the NEA that will engage VEA members and their students and all present and future educational experiences. As today’s educators, we are charged with preparing tomorrow’s leaders. Our student’s futures are in our hands and as an NEA Director, I promise to work tirelessly as an ambassador to restore public education to the forefront of the legislative agendas on the local, state and national levels.


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