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Virginia’s Milken Winners Are All VEA Members

Three VEA members are Virginia’s winners of the Milken Family Foundation National Educator Awards, an honor that goes to outstanding K-12 teachers and administrators and includes a $25,000 check. The 2008 Virginia honorees are Laura H. Marshall, a member of the Chesterfield Education Association and a third grade teacher at Grange Hall Elementary School; William L. Sterrett, a member of the Albemarle Education Association and principal at Woodbrook Elementary School; and Recharta C. Walston, a member of the Virginia Beach Education Association and a third grade teacher at Seatack Elementary School.

Maribeth Carmichael, a member of the Frederick County Education Association who serves as an English teacher and head librarian at Millbrook High School, has been chosen as the county’s 2009 Teacher of the Year.

Teresa Hash, a member of the Smyth County Education Association who teaches at Marion Intermediate School, is Smyth’s 2008-09 Teacher of the Year.

Loudoun Education Association members Michele Rzweski-Copeland and Laura Snow, both teachers at Potowmack Elementary School, have received a $5,000 Student Achievement Grant from the NEA Foundation to fund their project, “Living Loudoun County History.”

Martha N. Smith, a member of the Chesterfield Education Association and a first grade teacher at J.B. Watkins Elementary School, has been named Virginia Technology Education Association Elementary School Teacher of the Year.

Spotsylvania Education Association member Penny Anderson, who teaches World Geography and AP Human Geography at Riverbend High School, has been selected as a 2008 High School Distinguished Teacher by the National Council for Geographic Education.


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