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Be a Voice at the
General Assembly

As the 2009 session of Virginia’s General Assembly gets rolling, you can make your voice heard in Richmond as decisions that affect your working life are made.

One obvious way is by being a part of VEA’s annual Lobby Day and making a personal appeal to your elected representatives while they’re working at the Capitol. Check out the announcement below for more Lobby Day information.

Another effective way to make sure that legislators hear the educator perspective is by becoming a VEA cyberlobbyist. This gives you the opportunity to be in touch with policymakers regularly, advising them on education issues as they come up. VEA cyberlobbyists receive e-mail alerts on bills being debated in Richmond, and contact information is provided for legislators. There’s also an option on the VEA website for cyberlobbyists to send letters to the editor of local publications. If you’re not sure who your representatives are, there’s also an online directory.

To sign up as a VEA cyberlobbyist, visit, click on the “News and Advocacy” section, then the “Legislative” option and look for the cyberlobbyist link, or go directly to

Find VEA on Facebook!

The VEA has launched a Facebook page to allow our members and others to interact with the Association and with one another in a format that so many are now using to communicate every day. We look forward to a vibrant, active and diverse online community. To check out the action on the VEA page, go to

See you in cyberspace!



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