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Speaking of Education

“The questions that students ask matter far more for learning than the answers they have memorized.”
Tony Wagner, co-director, Change Leadership Group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

“There is so much information available that it’s almost too much, and if people aren’t prepared to process the information effectively, it almost freezes them in their steps.”
Mike Summers, vice president, Dell Inc.

“I tell my students that my first year of teaching in the Boston public schools was the hardest thing I have ever done, harder than Harvard.”
Barbara Beatty, education professor, Wellesley College

“I know that many of my teachers do not have the supplies they need for their classes this year. I know that there are problems with the budget and that cuts have had to be made, but it doesn't seem fair that our teachers have to buy supplies for us out of their own money.”
In a letter to the editor of the (Fredericksburg) Free Lance-Star, from a local middle school student

“Schools must live up to their responsibilities to prepare students for full citizenship, and they must do so with the same standards of excellence that they hold for more narrowly defined academic pursuits.”
William Damon, professor, Stanford University

“We need to educate students, not merely prepare them for tests. We need to immerse them in the full range of curriculum, including music, the arts and physical education.”
Robert J. Sternberg, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Tufts University

“Clearly, major efforts to educate the public are going to be necessary if school financing is ever to become fairer as well as wiser.”
Cynthia G. Brown, director of education policy, Center for American Progress

“Today, K-12 students receive most of their curricular content on paper. In 20 years, most of it will arrive digitally. What will this new digital content look like? How will the new media transform the way students absorb information, build skills and learn concepts? And how will we assess student gains?”
Andy Hoffman, director, American History and Civics Initiative, a project of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

“If we go on this way for another 25 years, we won’t have an affordable system of higher education.”
Patrick M. Callan, president, National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, on rising college costs

“Trust begins when students believe that the teacher is on their side—when they realize that the teacher views them as persons of worth, believes in their capacity to succeed, and works in their best interest.”
Carol Ann Tomlinson, professor of educational leadership, foundation and policy, University of Virginia



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