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Teachers Get
Some Good Ink

TeachersCount has launched a poster campaign pairing celebrities and their favorite teachers, using the tagline “Behind Every Famous Person Is a Fabulous Teacher.” Over 20 notable people from the fields of film, television, music, sports, business and public service were photographed with a teacher they identified as having most affected their growth and development. Among those featured are actor Tony Shalhoub, weatherman Al Roker, singer Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, First Lady Laura Bush, and actress America Ferrara.

To check out the posters, visit For information on how you can get some copies for free, e-mail

Curriculum Looks
at Global Warming

In the media, in the election campaigns, in the classroom—the topic of global warming is a hot one in lots of places. The National Wildlife Federation, in an effort to provide sound information on the subject, has created a new climate change curriculum for educators and students in grades 4-12 that is designed to help them not only gather information, but to take action.

The curriculum, called Climate Classroom, offers:

• Lesson plans and cooperative community projects
• Alignment with science teaching standards
• Adaptable classroom activities
• Tips on where to find further resources and strategies for involving others in solving the problem.

To see Climate Classroom, which is available for free, visit

NBC News Materials
Available Online

You may have seen it on the news, now you can see it in your classroom. NBC News Archives on Demand is a collection of thousands of primary source digital media resources created and organized to be used in instruction. And it’s free to teachers and students.

Materials cover decades, and can be used in history, government, civics, journalism, English, writing and science classes. The archive is searchable, and materials are added daily to keep the compilation current. Special sections include Decision 08, Black History Month, Women’s Studies, Global Studies, Forensic Science and more.

To learn more, visit

Freebies from the Feds

The federal government offers a wide range of teaching and learning resources at no cost through a special website,

The site organizes more than 1,500 lesson plans and other items from sources such as the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution, NASA, National Archives, National Gallery of Art, National Endowment for the Humanities, U.S. Geological Survey, National Park Service, National Institutes of Health and others.

Materials at the site can be searched by topic or by academic subject.



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