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"The school is the receiver of everything that's happening in the economy or society. The housing crisis right now -- holy cow, is that playing out in schools! Different kinds of families are qualifying for free or reduced lunch, and, even worse, some families are so embarrassed about applying that their kids don't have food."
Molly McCloskey, director of constituent services, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

"The frontal lobes, the area of the brain associated with critical thinking and reasoning, develop rapidly throughout adolescence. High-level reasoning and critical thinking are skills that have to be learned and practiced. If teens do not acquire the ability to learn strategically during this developmental period, they might never do so."
Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, chief director, University of Texas-Dallas Center for Brain Health

"If I'm going to ask people to give 1 percent of their earnings, then I should do it myself."
Dan Bennett, a superintendent in Ohio who supported a local 1 percent tax increase for schools, but doesn’t live in the district, so donated 1 percent of his salary to schools

"It was all preparation for being a school nurse."
Debbie Pontius, a school nurse in Nevada, who has a master’s degree, has worked in a labor and delivery unit, and has 29 years of experience as an emergency department nurse, on the multiple duties of today’s school nurses

"People don't send their kids to school just for the accumulation of isolated bits of knowledge. If you look at the history of education, it really is about character development -- implicitly or explicitly."
Maurice Elias, director, Rutgers University Social-Emotional Learning Lab

“Who rented your eyes this weekend?”
Question asked on Monday mornings by Brad Koepenick, a middle school theater and media-arts teacher in Los Angeles, helping his students understand their media use

“I am bewildered by how much time students spend inside schools. I don't mean that the school day should be shorter; I mean that more of the school day should be outside.”
Steven Wolk, assistant professor of teacher education, Northeastern Illinois University

“To be effective with differentiation, a teacher really needs to talk with the kids, ask them their opinions on things, sit down with them for a minute or two to see how things are going, and listen to them and find out what they are interested in. All that feeds back into instruction.”
Carol Ann Tomlinson, author and professor, University of Virginia

“Caring for others begins at home. With proper education, it spreads. It is the educator’s moral obligation to help students embrace causes larger than themselves, and to encourage them to display good citizenship in all spheres of life.”
Bernice Lerner, executive director, Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character


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