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Educators have been noting, with mounting concern, the fact that we need more students to take an interest in science, technology, engineering and math classes and careers. This year, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is making an effort to make such subject areas more appealing to students of all backgrounds by focusing on equity in education—the idea that excellence requires high expectations and strong support for all. Through a partnership with the NEA, NCTM is making a wealth of equity resources available to Association members. These resources, which include such titles as The Mathematics Pathway for All Children and Supporting Diverse Learners: Teacher Collaboration in an Inclusive Classroom, are normally only available to NCTM members. But, until December 31, VEA/NEA members will have an opportunity to access this information.
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Get Middle-Schoolers
Engaged in Civics

Getting middle school students engaged in civics and government can be a challenge. A new website, Our Courts (, is in the final stages of development and will be a free, interactive Web-based program and a virtual 3-D world in which students in the middle grades can experience the judiciary.

Our Courts will allow students to take part in realistic simulations of government and grapple with real issues by investigating and arguing actual cases, which they’ll also view from all three branches of government. The website, a project supported by former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, will also encourage young people to become involved by voicing their opinions in their communities and to their elected officials.

 The site is made up of two components, one that is used in the classroom and includes a series of activities, and one that will include detailed simulations of court cases.

Websites Offer Lesson
Plans, Other Resources

To get access to over 3,500 free lesson plans, visit, a website produced by Hot Chalk, a learning organization whose mission is to improve the lives of teachers. Lesson plans are broken down by math, science, art, music, language arts, social studies, computer/Internet, physical education/health, and multidisciplinary units. You can search the lesson plans by subject, recent additions and seasonal themes, and there are also sections on science experiments and math worksheets, as well as teacher discussion forums and a newsletter you can sign up for.

 Another site to check out is The Educator’s Reference Desk (, which offers over 2,000 lesson plans, 3,000 links to online education information, and 200 question archive responses.


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