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Speaking of Education

"In study after study, we have seen that education investments that improve school performance and increase graduation rates can reduce rates of incarceration, increase economic competitiveness, and lower health-care costs."
Tom Carroll, president, National Commission on Teaching and America's Future

"The premise of merit pay, and indeed all rewards, is that people could be doing a better job but for some reason have decided to wait until it's bribed out of them. This is as insulting as it is inaccurate."
Education author Alfie Kohn

"Remarkable schools have visions for producing future citizens who are creative, inspired and curious, who believe in themselves, and who can engage in inquiry, solve problems, and create art, literature and inventions."
Louise Wilson, chair, education department, Bethel University

"Now, no one is looking at shirts with graffiti or wondering if what [students] are wearing is affiliated with a gang or worrying about someone's designer sweatshirt."
Linda Rondeau, an assistant superintendent in California, on her district's school uniform policy

"[Physical education programs] should be included in the grade point average for graduation. That alone would automatically make PE more important in the eyes of kids, parents and administrators."
Greg Payne, professor, San Jose State University

"Of course children must know how to read and compute, but children must be knowledgeable in addition to being skilled."
Lynne Munson, executive director, Common Core

"Disturbed, isolated students can easily fall through the cracks. You may be the person who has the most regular contact with such an isolated student. Offering to help students get the assistance they need is never inappropriate."
Ellen Gecker, a psychiatric nursing instructor

"In an age of testing overload and constantly compounding curricula, character education may seem like a pipedream that is good in theory but impossible to implement. This is not the case."
Diana Brannon, instructor, Elmhurst (IL) College

"I will make it my primary focus now to work on civics education in America. We have some work to do. If we look at the adult population, whatever civics education people got in the past didn't seem to stick."
Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

"Instead of labeling kids, let's talk about them as potential leaders, affirm their strengths, and believe that they can do good, brave, remarkable things."
Lyn Mikel Brown, professor of education, Colby College


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