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Virginia Journal of Education

Speaking of Education

"The education establishment should listen to what teachers say they need and afford them the freedom, resources, and true support to provide our children with a quality education. Too often, teachers are treated like commodities, but they are the architects of America's intellectual capital and should not be undervalued."
Sabrina Laine, director, National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality

"Learning is more like climbing a mountain than climbing stairs. Whether the pinnacle is Mount Everest or academic achievement, the rate of advancement can be impressive one day and barely perceptible the next and, for both climbers and learners, each step demands a thoughtful appraisal of the next, best move."
Mary Renck Jalongo, professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"Kids start school from platforms of different heights and teachers don't have a magic wand they can wave to get kids on the same platform. If we're really interested in raising overall levels of achievement and in closing the achievement gap, we need to pay as much attention to the starting line as we do to the finish line."
Richard J. Coley, director of the policy information center at Educational Testing Service

"It's a new day for career and tech education. If we're moving toward 100 percent high school graduation, the question is, 'Graduation to what?' If college is not the natural next step, one would hope that you're preparing them for something."
J.D. Hoye, president, National Academy Foundation

"How can we expect across-the-board school improvements so long as the nation routinely underfunds the very schools teaching the most needy?"
Gary K. Clabaugh, professor, LaSalle University

"Every adult who works in the school -- teachers, parent volunteers, food-service workers -- must be trained in how to intervene."
Chuck Saufler, Maine Project Against Bullying

"We are asking children to perform at levels way beyond those of any other students in the history of public school education. If we really want our students to perform at high levels, we must ensure that they have access to quality teachers who have the necessary skills and dispositions."
Larry Leverett, superintendent, Plainfield, NJ

"Students will generally meet the level of expectation you set for them. Expect them to be well-behaved and you have a better chance of having well-behaved kids. Give them encouragement to be monsters-however slight-and you create monsters."
Jim Burgett, author, Teachers Change Lives 24-7

"I am your public school, a 200-year-old experiment giving America the strongest economy in world history. We are 88,000 buildings in more than 15,000 districts. Last fall, I embraced more than 46 million children; for most of them, I am their only hope for the future."
Frosty Troy, editor, The Oklahoma Observer



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