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Educators, Philanthropists

Through a website pioneered by teachers in New York City, anybody with the resources and the desire to do so can become a citizen philanthropist, and any educator can seek project grants. The site is called, and it offers educators the opportunity to describe a class or school project that they would like to make happen but don't have the funds, while offering prospective donors the chance to search projects, find one they like, and help fund it. is not just a matchmaking service, however. There is an approval process for all projects, in which DonorsChoose staff and volunteers check it out, verifying the educator's identity, reviewing the project, confirming the existence of requested materials, and negotiating discounts and setting a price for the proposal. After that, the project is posted on the site.

When a project receives funding, DonorsChoose purchases the materials, sends them to the school and includes a disposable camera to document project activities. A feedback package, including photos, a letter from the educator, and student thank-you notes is sent back by the teacher and then forwarded to the donor.

To learn more, visit .

Virginia Author Talks
Sports, Character

Sports have long been a vehicle for bringing out some of the best in ourselves-in the heat of competition, or just the joy of participation, many character traits have been discovered and refined. Virginia author Fritz Knapp takes a look at some of those traits in his new work, The Book of Sports Virtues.

Knapp describes characteristics such as integrity, persistence, honesty, humility, trust and dedication through the stories of well-known athletes, including Arthur Ashe, Roberto Clemente, Lou Gehrig and the 1980 men's and 1998 women's U.S. Olympic ice hockey teams.

The Book of Sports Virtues is published by ACTA Publications and can be ordered online at .



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