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Virginia Journal of Education

Speaking of Education

"At it's best, liberal education prepares intellectually curious young men and women to appreciate the difference between making a living and actually living; to cultivate more than a passing familiarity with ethics, history, science and culture; and to perceive the tragic chasm between the world as it is and as it could and ought to be."
Vartan Gregorian, president, Carnegie Corporation

"We've had high-stakes testing, really, since the 1970s in some states. We've had maybe six good studies that ask: 'If the scores go up, can we believe them? Or are people taking shortcuts?' And all of those studies found really substantial inflation of test scores."
Daniel Koretz, professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education

"Let teachers in our community know that our society as a whole really appreciates the hard work that they put into students' lives. [Students'] education and most of their life skills have been instilled through these people. Do not underestimate them. They are doing a great deal and deserve great thanks."
from a letter to the editor in the South Hill (VA) Enterprise

"School professionals are called upon not only to educate children, but also to nurture curiosity and civic values, and even to teach the most basic manners."
David Herszenhorn, an education reporter for The New York Times

"We all know how devastating poverty is, but if we help children, they can overcome poverty and move upward and onward."
Edward Zigler, longtime education researcher and author

"Most studies show that teachers are the ones that make change in schools. Not parents, not administrators. It's the teachers. They are on the front lines."
Michelle Pierre-Farid, principal, Tyler Elementary School in Washington, D.C.

"Our schools should be palaces where everything that kids need is given to them. We should spend as much on offense in this country as we do on defense."
Bryan Holbrook, a California music teacher

"I wanted to see if I still had it in me."
68-year-old Jane Vajnar, a retired English teacher, after winning the Kansas Senior Spelling Bee

"Believe me, this is going to mean we have more students wanting to take and study for the test."
Gregory Hodge, a New York City high school principal, on a program in the city that pays cash for high scores on Advanced Placement tests, including $1,000 for a top score

"Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten."
Psychologist and author B.F. Skinner


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