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"Virginia is the 7th wealthiest state in the nation. However, we're 32nd in per pupil funding, and we're $5,300 below the national average in teacher salaries. We can't let these facts get lost as we move forward to look at the upcoming budget."
VEA President Princess Moss

"Despite what critics with an agenda would have you believe, academics are not missing in action in public schools. Today, the average college-bound high school student is taking subjects in the 10th or 11th grades that 20 years ago were taught in the first or second year of college."
From an editorial in The News & Advance (Lynchburg)

"The high school dropout rate in some cities is as high as 55 to 75 percent. While the behinds are moving forward, some of the minds are left behind."
Entertainer Bill Cosby

"The one thing NCLB has done is to shine the light into the dark corners of inequities in our education system. We can no longer pretend not to know where students are being well served by the system, and where they are not."
Miami teacher Linda Emm

"Many teachers now focus very narrowly on teaching the types of things that will be tested, especially for struggling students. This can result in a 'drill and kill' mentality that puts little emphasis on writing and higher order thinking skills."
Amy Bailey, a National Board Certified Teacher in North Carolina

"In the hallways I'm often stuck, not moving-hoping that I'll make it in time to my next class. . .But the crowding goes beyond the hallways and into the classrooms; some of my teachers don't have their own classrooms and share with others, which is difficult for them. This may sound over dramatic but I'm sure my teachers and other students could back me up on the negative impact this has on our education."
From a letter to the editor of a local newspaper from a Loudoun County eighth-grader

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela

"I think we have a lot of X-Boxes, Game Boys and Nintendos that are really taking care of children now. I don't think parents want it that way. I think parents do what they have to do to survive."
Barbara Schmitz, a North Carolina elementary school guidance counselor

"Middle-class kids lose some skills during summer break, but they pick them up quickly. The poor kids really lose a lot during the summer."
Jack Jennings, president, Center on Education Policy


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