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VEA Moves Forward
With an Updated Look

"A New Day for VEA" was the theme of the association's annual convention in 2007, held in April in Virginia Beach, and indeed, the VEA is changing and moving forward in new ways. We have a new logo-but that's just the most visible of the changes association members and staff are making as the VEA continues to meet the challenges facing our students, schools and educators.

The updated logo, replacing the apple symbol that represented the VEA for the past 30 years, reflects the simplicity of the association's mission and, at the same time, embraces 21st-century approaches to accomplishing that mission. The red color from the apple lives on in the new logo's E, emphasizing the centrality of education and providing a dramatic contrast with the dark blue V and A.

"Teaching. Learning. Leading." is the new message accompanying the logo's graphic elements. Our association is all about teaching, with teachers as the majority of our membership. "Teaching" also incorporates education support professionals, a fast-growing segment of our membership which provides critical services that make the teaching process work. Our members are engaged in "Learning" both as the purveyors of learning and as learners themselves. And "Leading" is the role that VEA plays in supporting public education as well as in the development of leaders among our membership.

"Our members have a passion for learning that is reflected in our new logo," says VEA President Princess Moss. "We want it to signify that the VEA is on the move and will represent our members and accomplish our mission in exciting new ways."

To help ensure that the VEA communicates even better with members and the public, the association's website is also being totally revamped. The new site will be unveiled later this fall, and its Web address will change from to . For the first time, the site will include a members-only section with resources specifically tailored to members and association leaders. In addition, the site will open with a splash/news page and link easily to additional information and resources in instruction, legal issues, grants and other areas of interest to educators.

Another added feature of the website will be this magazine, the Virginia Journal of Education, available for the first time in its entirety online.

To help you sport the new logo proudly, check out the growing list of imprinted items created by our partner, ELK Promotions, available at .

Members Earn VEA Grants

VEA has announced the first round of Mini-Grant winners for the 2007-08 school year. The following members have received either $500 or $1,000 to fund classroom projects:

. Renee Ballentine of the Chesterfield Education Association and Bensley Elementary School, for "Project Dance."

. Marion Broglie of the Virginia Beach Education Association and Lynnhaven Middle School, for "We the People Middle School Congressional Hearing Competition."

. Russell Nadel of the Fairfax Education Association and Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School, for "Inspiring Students Through Ethnic Percussion."

. Joan Whoolery, Dana Mackey and Deborah Hein of the Fairfax Education Association and Washington Mill Elementary School, for "Promoting Reading to Close the Achievement Gap."

. Carolyn Molly of the Gloucester Education Association and T.C. Walker Elementary School, for "Training the Tutors Literacy Program."


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