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C-SPAN Resources
Available Online

C-SPAN created its C-SPAN Classroom website to help educators better present civics and U.S. government topics by using the network's primary source programming. Because the 2008 presidential race is well underway, the website is now featuring weekly video clips from the campaign trail. The clips are free and have been archived since January 2007.

Additional resources are available for educators who register free at the site. Membership benefits include:

. Classroom materials in government and civics that include discussion questions, student activities, graphic organizers, worksheets and quizzes created by teachers.

. Access to C-SPAN Classroom's database of video clips, which can be searched by keyword, speaker or topic area.

. Unrestricted taping and viewing rights for classroom use of C-SPAN programming.

. Periodic special offers, such as free classroom posters.

. E-mail updates about C-SPAN programs and resources.

. Site features that allow educators to communicate with colleagues, rate resources, and be eligible for teacher fellowships and other contests.

. Access to C-SPAN Classroom's toll-free educators' hotline.

For more information, visit the site at .

Federal Web Portal
Helps High-Schoolers

The federal government has made it easier for high school students to get access to government information through its official Web portal, As the federal government's home page, can link students with over 50 million federal, state and local government resources, including images, the latest news, and research sources, which can be browsed by topic, government agency or audience.

Some of the things students can learn include how to protect yourself from identity theft, where to look for college financial aid, how to manage money, how to protect yourself from alcohol and drug abuse, how to find out about health issues, how to make travel arrangements, how to become an advocate on issues that matter to you, how to calculate your grade point average, how to monitor your diet, where to look for government jobs, and over 100 other online services.

To learn more, visit .

Keeping Up With
Environmental Issues

By joining EarthAction, a global network of organizations that work together for a healthy and safe planet, you can receive free Planet Postcards and information/action kits on environmental issues. The kits contain ready-to-use materials including a poster, background information and suggested actions students can take to help protect our planet.

The postcards and kits are created by EarthAction, which represents organizations in 165 countries, and by the World Future Council, an organization of ethical leaders from around the world.

To join, go to and click on "Join our Network."


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