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VEA Recommends Candidates for Election

The VEA Fund for Children and Public Education is recommending a raft of pro-public education candidates for election. (Read more about the process at the bottom of page.)

VEA Fund Recommends Candidates in House Races

The VEA Fund recommends candidates – including incumbents – based on positions and records related to public education and regardless of party. The VEA Fund is proud to be issue driven and party blind, and firmly believes in working with all parties to advance what’s best for Virginia’s students, and ultimately the Commonwealth.

Click here for more information and to see the list of candidate recommendations listed on The VEA Fund website.




About the Process

The Virginia Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education (formally VEA-PAC)  was formed in 1971 by teachers in Virginia who felt the time had come to get involved in the political arena.  The VEA Fund is an independent arm of the VEA, with the purpose of helping to support VEA legislative goals through the election of pro-education politicians.

No dues money can be used to recommend a political candidate; therefore the VEA Fund raises the necessary funds independent of dues money that support General Assembly and/or state-wide candidates recommended by the local PACs and/or by the VEA Fund Executive Committee. Since 1971, teachers throughout the state have become involved in partisan politics and have raised thousands of dollars which have been used successfully to elect friends of education.

Local, state and national PACs exist because of the legal limitation imposed upon the Association relative to political activity. The Association can conduct voter registration drives, meet with candidates and/or office holders to discuss issues, lobby within the constraints of federal and state lobby laws, and conduct other activities that are non-partisan and strictly of an education nature.

Campaign activities, including interviewing candidates and recommending candidates by the organization, publishing and distributing partisan campaign materials, telephoning for candidates, and any other partisan political activities, are severely restricted and should always be conducted under the auspices of a PAC.

In State House and Senate elections, the VEA Fund recommends candidates upon the recommendation of a local PAC(s) within the House or Senate district.  A majority of PAC directors voting must concur with the recommendation.




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