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Virginia Journal of Education

Speaking of Education

“Public schools still offer the best hope for the future of our nation and for better economic times. We should insist on a dialogue that asks how together we can best support our public schools, which almost nine of out ten children in America attend.”
Anne Foster, executive director, Parents for Public Schools

“Legislators seem to feel that public education is an afternoon athletic contest—talk about it today and forget about it tomorrow.”
Diane Outlaw, president, Education Association of Norfolk

“Our policymakers speak of education almost entirely in terms of global competition and economic competitiveness. We are accustomed to speaking of the importance of citizenship, lifelong learning, the joy of learning, the excitement of history and expressing oneself through the arts. We must not let these values be drowned out.”
Diane Ravitch, education author and historian

“Schools can certainly play a role in both helping individual children overcome the challenges of poverty and helping society eliminate it, just as they can play a role in addressing whatever problem society is facing. But they cannot do it alone. We have to stop implying that they can.”
Anne O’Brien, deputy director, Learning First Alliance

“We have fallen into a culture that tests and labels—and we need to be creating people who are visionaries, who are risk-takers, who know how to adopt a challenge and pursue it over time.”
Carol S. Dweck, author, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

“During recent years, and especially during this election year, there has been a lot of talk about why education isn't working. I believe it is working. America is still the leader of the world. The greatest innovations and thinking are still coming from America. People are still risking their lives to come live here. America's greatness is sustained by its educational system.”
Kwok-Sze Wong, executive director, American School Counselor Association



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