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VEA at the 2016 NEA Convention





NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly
Washington, DC -- June 27-July 7

If you’re a VEA delegate to the NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly in Washington, you’ve come to the right spot. We’ll post resources and updates here to help you plan and make the most out of your NEA convention experience. The most recent posts will always be at the top of the page. Questions? Contact Kathy Bowles, VEA Conference Coordinator, at 804-775-8306.



Convention Details. VEA President Meg Gruber’s letter to delegates, which was mailed to you, is chock-full of information you will need to get ready. It covers the schedule, bus and metro transportation options, the wearing of colors, and more. Read it here.

Flight and Amtrak Options.
NEA offers this advice on travel using Delta and Amtrak to get you to and from convention.

There are many opportunities to volunteer during your time in the Nation’s Capital. Convention delegates participate in book drives, food banks, and more. VEA member Renee Beverly heads up a local teacher supply store. Get the details here.

Bus or Metro?
Be thinking of whether you prefer to take a shuttle bus or the metro between your hotel and the convention center. You will receive an email from VEA May 16 giving you the details on your options and asking you to pick one. Additional information provided by NEA on the metro service is posted here.

Package Service.
In past years, NEA has provided a service to the RA Delegates called the Mail Back service that enabled delegates to “rent” a box that was later sealed and shipped to avoid carrying or traveling with the paperwork and other items.  (You may recall seeing young boys dancing with boxes on their heads to generate interest in the service.) NEA can no longer continue the service. Please plan to use the Convention Center’s Capital Business Center, your local hotel business center, or a nearby post office location.



Order Convention Shirt. All delegates are encouraged to purchase the attractive black NEA RA (DC Lincoln) polo shirt to use on the "wear black" day of convention. The shirt was the choice of our NEA Convention Planning Committee. Shirts are pre-ordered and then delivered to our host hotel in DC. To place our bulk order, please don't miss the deadline of May 2. Fill out your order form now or order online at

Tentative Agenda.
This is NEA’s working agenda, with additional information for Virginia highlighted. Travel day to Washington is July 1. Read more.





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