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Speaking of Education

“No country in the world evaluates its teachers based on annual test-score gains. This has not stopped some policymakers in the U.S. from forging ahead.”
Linda Darling-Hammond, professor and co-director, Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education

“Public education is not the problem; we are the solution. If you don’t think so, why do things keep getting added to the schools for us to solve? I would argue that we are the last remaining core institution in America, and essential in what separates us from all other nations.”
James G. Merrill, superintendent of Virginia Beach City Public Schools

“Failure is about growth, learning, overcoming and moving on. Let’s allow young people to fail.”
Angel B. Perez, vice president, Pitzer College

“We need to accept that we’re asking people throughout the education system to do more. But in many cases, these are people who feel they are already putting in extraordinary time and effort.”
David Cantor, education policy researcher

“If you believe as I do that the best economic stimulus is a diploma, then the best job creator is a well-prepared, well-equipped, highly effective teacher.”
Bob Wise, president, Alliance for Excellent Education

"The further away a decision-maker gets from kids, the more stupid the decisions are."
Education advocate Jamie Vollmer

“Teachers, like police officers, firefighters and service personnel, should be able to retire after 20 years with full pension.  Our risks may be different, but they are real.”
Author and professor Richard Hugo



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