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Speaking of Education

“This is a time for resolve, a time for professionalism, a time to defend public education against its detractors, a time to support the education profession from those who would dismantle it, and a time to stand up for what we know is right for students and for society.”
Education historian, author and advocate Diane Ravitch

“As the children of the rich do better in school, and those who do better in school are more likely to become rich, we risk producing an even more unequal and economically polarized society.”
Sean Reardon, Stanford University

"Kids have to understand that it’s their responsibility to do well—no matter who their teacher is or the quality of their school."
Actor Tony Danza, looking back on his year as a public school teacher

“Education is Virginia’s most important work.”
Former North Carolina Governor James Hunt, speaking in Richmond in August

“If the teacher is the quarterback, [legislators] are the offensive line. Their performance impacts our performance, but they keep letting us get sacked by poverty, broken homes, student mobility, hunger, health care. And they just say ‘Oops’ as that linebacker blows by them and buries his facemask in our chest. Make your blocks, legislators.”
John Kuhn, a Texas superintendent

“Spend the afternoon. You can’t take it with you.”
Author Annie Dillard

“Because this profession can be lonely, we need to find ways to support each other. Avoid the temptation to stay isolated in your classroom; seek out fellow educators for support and collaboration.”
Bryan Harris, author, Battling Boredom: 99 Strategies to Spark Student Engagement



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