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Speaking of Education

“What if teachers are the answer? What if trusting teachers, and not controlling them, is the key to school success?”
Kim Farris-Berg, co-author, Trusting Teachers with School Success

“Ask a teacher what she or he needs most. Many times the answer is well-rested, fed, focused students who aren’t coming to school coping with a swirl of adult problems at home. Adults can step up and fix that.”
From an editorial in the Staunton News Leader

“Most prominent K-12 education ‘reformers’ today are products of private education, either for their entire precollegiate schooling, or in part: from Secretary of Education Arne Duncan; to former DC Schools chancellor Michelle Rhee; to Gates Foundation co-chair Bill Gates; and to ‘Waiting for Superman’ director Davis Guggenheim.”
Cheryl Scott Williams, executive director, Learning First Alliance

"I would never expect that the governor would come, or the superintendent, to my house."
Nevada high school senior Daniel Sanchez, after a visit from Gov. Brian Sandoval, who participated in a door-to-door dropout prevention program in Reno

“Education is experiential learning for the mind. It’s about grappling with tough stuff. The assessments are only part of the picture. Equally important is what happens while students are in class: the discussions, questions, the exposure to new ideas and different perspectives.”
Johann N. Neem, associate professor, Western Washington University

“When I invest in my students, I feel satisfied and more authentically engaged in my profession… When we take this role seriously, we bring pride to our field. This pride begets respect and reminds teachers, and society at large, that the work of education is important to all of us.”
Rebecca Fawns-Justeson, assistant professor, California State University, Chico





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