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VEA Delegate Assembly Info and Resources

VEA held its Delegate Assembly in Richmond, April 7-9, 2016. We will post resources for delegates on this page. Please check back for updates.

Questions? Contact Kathy at or 1-800-552-9554 ext. 306.

Post-Convention Delegate Mailing

To save on paper and postage, our post-convention mailings are now done digitally. All registered delegates for whom we have valid email addresses will be receiving the following items comprising their post-convention mailing:

Convention Blog

For the most current updates and links to photos, be sure to visit our VEA Convention blog.





Welcome Letters from President and Executive Director

In our effort to go green, letters from VEA President Meg Gruber and VEA Executive Director Philip Forgit are being sent in late March via email to all delegates for whom we have a valid email address. The letters contain information about Convention activities. Click the links above to read their letters.




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