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Speaking of Education


“As educators of disadvantaged and minority children, we often have the erroneous belief that we hold the key to the failure or success of these children, when in fact research has demonstrated that academic success is cultivated at home, by families. After all, students spend about 10 percent of their time in school and about 90 percent of their time away from school.”
Maria C. Paredes, senior program associate, WestEd

"Every school has worked hard to close the achievement gap, and we are exceeding the results of many of our neighboring school systems. Despite our successes in the classroom, we are falling behind our neighbors when it comes to compensation for our educators ... It is now time for the board to close that pay gap."
Wendell Foster, president, Education Association of Suffolk, speaking at a school board meeting

“Our local public schools and the professionals who work in them are our greatest historic asset.”
Cheryl S. Williams, executive director, Learning First Alliance

“Teachers are required to combat systemic school and community problems, address mass under-performance by students, and bring student test scores up by huge percentages in the span of a year – often with little support. Faced with growing numbers of students from impoverished, chaotic backgrounds, teachers are forced to perform triage almost on a daily basis. Little in their education and training has prepared them to play parent, psychologist and police.”
Walt Gardner, former lecturer at the graduate school of education at UCLA and current Education Week blogger

“School safety planning is also about deliberately creating "homes" in our schools; homes where kids can feel connected, secure and special.”
Dru Tomlin, director of middle level services for the Association for Middle Level Education

“We know that the pathway from poverty—to and beyond America's great middle class—runs through the classrooms of public schools. We know that our public education system is critical to democracy.”
Dennis Van Roekel, president, National Education Association

“Only a fool would find that money does not matter in education.”
North Carolina Superior Court Judge Howard Manning, in a ruling on a school funding case



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