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“Both logic and research suggest that economic policies that reduce income inequality throughout the United States are quite likely to improve education a lot…Targeted economic and social policies have more potential to improve the nation’s schools than almost anything being proposed by either political party at federal, state or local levels.”
David Berliner, longtime public education advocate and professor emeritus, Arizona State University

“If my career goes south, I’m working at McDonald’s. I’m driving a tow truck. That’s why I’m going back to high school.”
Actor Mark Wahlberg, urging high school students in Alexandria to stay in school. Wahlberg is now pursuing the high school diploma he never earned as a teenager

“We need quiet places and noisy places, places full of books and computers and others full of paint and clay. We need adults with the freedom to make spontaneous decisions—shifting the conversation in response to one of those ‘wonderful moments’ and deviating from designed curriculum. Teachers need the time to mull over what they have learned from student work, written as well as observed, and collegial time to expand their repertoires.”
Deborah Meier, teacher, author and founder of schools in New York City and Boston

“We are being asked to take the entire demographic that exists, graduate all of them and bring them to the highest level in history.”
Arthur Levine, president, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

“As someone who has visited hundreds of schools around the country, here’s the reality as I see it: New standards, tests and training won’t necessarily deliver results. What guarantees great teaching and learning is a great teacher.”
Mary Amato, former teacher, now an author of children’s books

“We need again to show the teachers that they are valued. They are what make our school system great. Without the teachers, no amount of technology will get our children where they need to be.”
Patti Davis, a Hanover County parent, speaking at a county budget hearing


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