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PWEA Raises Its Voice

The latest salvo from Prince William Education Association members in their fight for smaller class sizes and better school funding came this week as the county’s school board presented its budget to the Board of County Supervisors.

More than 100 PWEA members showed up and stood up, most wearing their trademark blue “Class Size Matters” t-shirts, holding signs, circulating petitions and distributing flyers. Many also brought along papers to grade.

Speakers included PWEA President Jim Livingston, VEA President Meg Gruber and others. PWEA Board member Jennifer Rokasky told the supervisors of a visit to a school where a social studies teacher pointed out her 35 students and asked Rokasky to “tell someone.”

 “Teachers with several classes of 30-plus students have less time for individual students and more papers and assessments to grade,” Rokasky added. “Pile that on top of a lack of pay, and it’s no wonder that 50 percent of new teachers quit within the first five years.”

She finished with a plea for the supervisors to adopt the increased advertised property tax rate, on behalf of “teachers who are too overwhelmed to be here and education support professionals who can’t be here because they’re working second jobs.”


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