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“True education helps us on one hand to know the truth, but more than that, it helps us to love truth and sacrifice for it. I am convinced that if we are to move forward, that if we are to face the many problems of our world, education must take on that two-fold role it has traditionally done and give the individual a sense of moral and ethical values.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.


“Once a year, once a quarter, once a month or even once a week, families should decide to spend an entire day together without their cell phones. Trust me, if your tell folks that you’re unavailable, they’ll either call back, text or leave a message. The key is to just try it for a day.”
Jazz musician and producer Delfeayo Marsalis, author of the children’s book No Cell Phone Day


“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
Frederick Douglass


“The Amherst County Public Schools are grossly underfunded, and professionals both in and out of the classrooms have worked with less to accomplish more—more for our students with special needs; more for community members who are economically disadvantaged or destitute; more to accommodate increasing demands from Richmond; and even more from our own pockets to provide classroom supplies and materials that are not covered in school budgets.”
Amherst Education Association member Jason Fleshman, in a November letter to the editor published in the (Lynchburg) News & Advance


“This is the proverbial perfect storm of testing that has hit not only Florida but all the states. This is too much, too far, too fast, and it threatens the fabric of real accountability. The emotional effect on students, teachers and parents has been damaging; the manifestation of sadness and frustration is real, and the state should pay attention to it.”
Alberto M. Carvalho, superintendent, Miami-Dade County Schools and 2014 National Superintendent of the Year


“Getting people to think about what they think, and asking them questions about it, is the best way I know how to teach. One of the important qualities is to be able to listen well. And teachers need to believe in their students.”
Eleanor Duckworth, research professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a former elementary school teacher


 “You can’t change what’s in your students’ bank account, but you can change what’s in their emotional account.”
Eric Jensen, author, Teaching with Poverty in Mind



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