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“I've walked into lower-income schools around the country where test scores are posted right in the front entryway and the message is very clear: We care about you as a person and everything, but what really matters is the score that you post in April.”
Anya Kamenetz, author, The Test: Why Our Schools Are Obsessed with Standardized Testing — But You Don't Have to Be

“Arts education develops a passion for music, painting or acting. Students with a passion for one subject tend to do better academically across the board—an excitement about learning spills over into other areas of the curriculum.”
Emily Smith, member of the board of directors, Virginians for the Arts and executive director of 1708 Gallery in Richmond

“This is the calling of our generation: to improve education, especially across economic and racial lines.”
Former NBC-TV journalist Tom Brokaw

“Nothing replaces the teacher, and a teacher’s ability to know a student and what they need. You can’t get that from a piece of software.”
Theresa Ewald, assistant superintendent, Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin

“Accountability is important; however, children who are hungry cannot learn. The best educators and schools in the country are doomed to failure if children do not have a safe place to sleep. We need to recognize that poverty is an education issue.”
Dan Fuller, vice president of legislative relations, Communities In Schools

"It's unconscionable that we can get free WiFi in Starbucks, but we can't get it in a classroom."
Adam Bellow, CEO, eduTecher

“There’s so much that’s mandated by the state and not funded. It doesn’t decrease and every General Assembly they find something else. It’s not that some of the ideas aren’t good, there needs to be something in order to compensate for that. It continues to put a burden on the localities and an excessive burden on the staff to carry out these things and we’re not able to compensate for it with salary increases.”
Culpeper County School Board Chairwoman Elizabeth Hutchins



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