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“Teaching is a beautiful profession. It’s a pity teachers are badly paid, because it is not just about the time they spend in school, but the time they spend in preparation, the time they spend on each individual student. I think of my own country, where many teachers have to work double shifts just to be able to get a decent wage. But what state will a teacher be in after a double shift?”
Pope Francis

 “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

“More than anything, I want to teach empathy—and in the moments when I am teaching empathy and teaching it well, it is also being taught to me.”
Jessica Livezey, a North Carolina teacher and blogger

 "Though we're absolutely connected electronically, I’m afraid we're less and less connected as human beings. Music and the performing arts have a great deal to offer in retaining and continuing to develop this human interaction."
Steven Smith, conductor, Richmond Symphony Orchestra

 “[A] National Center for Education Statistics report shows that in schools with less than 25 percent poverty rates, American children scored higher in reading than any other children in the world. In. The. World. The takeaway is simple. Our middle-class and wealthy public school children are thriving. Poor children are struggling, not because their schools are failing but because they come to school with all the well-documented handicaps that poverty imposes – poor prenatal care, developmental delays, hunger, illness, homelessness, emotional and mental illnesses, and so on.
Kay McSpadden, a high school English teacher in South Carolina, writing in The Charlotte Observer

 "There is a lie afoot in our culture that some people are creative and some people aren't. You can learn how to be creative."
John B. Adams, chairman of The Martin Agency, an internationally-known ad agency based in Richmond

 “Reforms like test-based accountability give us the feeling of doing something—of demanding excellence—without providing the capacity to achieve our goals. Continuing down that path will continue to leave us disappointed.”
Kevin G. Welner, professor, University of Colorado’s School of Education


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