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Local Leaders Get Encouraging Send-Off from Gruber

As VEA's Local Presidents Retreat wrapped up, leaders from around the state got both encouragement and their marching orders from President Meg Gruber.

"Nothing is more important than what you do in your locals," she told them. "That's where our members get engaged and energized. Together, we're the VEA--not just you and me."

The road ahead won't be easy, Gruber warned, but there is progress in perseverance. "Talk with members of your community," she said. "You've got more supporters than you think you do. We can't do it alone. And we're not always successful, but we don't quit--we keep marching forward."

Gruber also charged local leaders to be positive, even in the face of some potentially challenging school issues and elections this fall. "Always speak positively about public education," she said. "The work we do is the most important work there is."

Visit the VEA's Flickr site to see photos of the events and check in with VEA on Facebook and Twitter (@VEA4Kids), too.


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