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“We don’t need more tests. We need more opportunities. Everything I’ve seen convinces me that assessments alone don’t solve problems.”
David Coleman, president and CEO, College Board


“We have really high hopes for teachers. Over time, we’ve expected them to close cultural and racial gaps…Today we expect them to close socioeconomic gaps.”
Dana Goldstein, author, The Teacher Wars


“We are living in a golden age of literature for young people. Let’s take advantage of it.”
Stephen Krashen, professor emeritus, University of Southern California


“Teacher leaders are foundational to any school organization to realize genuine greatness. We have literally decades of evidence and countless case examples informing us that empowering front-line professionals and creating systems that work for them leads to a more engaged workforce and better organizational outcomes. And teacher leadership must be the centerpiece in our efforts to raise the status of this noble profession. It is a catalyst for recruiting talented people to enter teaching, retaining our dedicated teachers in the profession, and creating practitioner-driven systems of collaboration and innovation.”
Jason Glass, superintendent, Eagle County (CO) Schools


"It's interesting that the Prince Edward Free Schools opened the day after the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham--terrible tragedy and violence, then this gesture of hope, which is part of the civil rights narrative."
Patricia Sullivan, history professor, University of South Carolina


“A courageous lone teacher might tackle the subject [racial tensions] in her classroom, but if that’s the only place it’s happening, and the message from everyone else is that the topic is taboo, little gain will be achieved.”
Maureen Costello, director, Teaching Tolerance



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