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Attend Local Officers Retreat, July 15-17 in Richmond

July 15-17, 2018
University of Richmond

If you are a local or district Association officer, or will be soon, don’t miss the 2018 Local Officers Retreat (LOR), held at the University of Richmond July 15-17, 2018. The retreat is open to all local or district officers and includes differentiated content to make sure that all participants, regardless of their experience, will gain skills and confidence. 

Attending the retreat is a great way to enhance your confidence and skills as an Association officer. Whether you are new or have a few years of experience in the role, LOR offers valuable content delivered by those who know the role best. There will be ample time to network with officers from Associations of a similar size, or to talk with participants who have several years of leadership experience under their belts.

Among the topics you’ll tackle: member engagement; building relationships with school division leadership; increasing visibility within the community; and much more. Plus, there will be social and networking opportunities!

The Retreat begins with check in at 4 pm on Sunday, July 15, and ends at 4 pm on Tuesday, July 17. 

The registration deadline for the 2018 Local Officers Retreat has been changed to June 15th. Our online registration portal is now available!

Please be sure to share this information with all local or district officers in your Association!

ALSO. You are encouraged to attend the Reggie Smith Organizing School, also held at the University of Richmond, which begins after the retreat on July 18, 2018.



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