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Diversity Awareness and Action

These workshops will help you become more aware of diversity issues in the workplace and act accordingly. VEA also offers workshops on bullying and harassment.



Emerging Leaders Training 
This training is designed for new or inexperienced members who want to learn about the Association and how  to become involved.  Participants are given an opportunity to become familiar with the Association terminology, structure, program and decision-making process.  Skills training for the seminar  include effective communication and analysis of one’s leadership potential.  Participants examine their leadership styles, gain skills in understanding group dynamics,  issue organizing and using the tools of the delegate and representative assemblies. Participants also develop action plans for their involvement in the Association. This workshop is conducted by members of the VEA MLT Cadre and is appropriate for all members. Contact:  Beblon Parks, 1-800-552-9554.

Advanced Leadership Skills Seminar (1 1/2 days)
Designed for members who have completed the Emerging Leaders Training or have had equivalent training at the UniServ, state or national levels. Participants refine leadership skills, further develop lobbying and  group dynamic skills, learn about the Association budget, participate in a mock election campaign for Association office and review governance and staff leadership role options.  This workshop is presented by members of the VEA MLT Cadre.  Contact:  Office of Field Support, Organizing & Minority Engagement, 1-800-552-9554.

Group Process Skills (GPS)
This training is designed for both men and women who currently hold leadership positions in the Association. It focuses on those skills needed to help groups of people achieve a common goal (i.e. responsive, inclusive and initiative leadership skills). The training is delivered during a weekend workshop for up to 25 men and women. Contact: Beblon Parks, 1-800-552-9554. 

Diversity Training (2 hours)
Participants in this seminar will: explore the evolution of diversity and the impact of diversity in their locals, the VEA and NEA; discuss the definition of diversity and understand the dimensions of diversity; recognize ways that cultural values impact a person's world view and behavior; and experience the dimensions of diversity and identify the relationship between core values and behaviors. Contact: Beblon Parks, 1-800-552-9554.

How Cultural Identity Shapes the Way We Teach and Learn (3 hours)
This interactive workshop provides participants an opportunity to explore aspects of their race, culture, gender and class identity that influence their beliefs, attitudes and actions, and thus may impact how they teach and how their students learn.  Participants will review and sample current multicultural education resources, tools, and activities that can be used to create diverse, bias-free learning environments. Contact: Beblon Parks, 1-800-552-9554.

SAFE SCHOOLS – CIVIL SCHOOLS:  VEA/NEA Training on Bullying/Sexual Harassment Prevention and Intervention.  This training session provides an overview of each of the following three sessions:

QUIT IT! is designed to assist educators in addressing the problem of teasing and bullying in kindergarten through grade 3.  Participants will increase their awareness of the problem of bullying and sexual harassment in schools and identify ways to provide prevention and intervention programs.
Bully Proof. is designed to assist educators in addressing the problems of teasing and bullying among elementary school students. Participants examine their personal reactions to the issues of teasing, bullying and harassment and identify and encourage appropriate interventions.
Flirting or Hurting? is designed to assist educators in addressing the issues of student to student sexual harassment in grades 6 through 12. Participants learn strategies to help raise student awareness about the kinds of sexual harassment that take place in school.

Contact:  Office of Field Support, Organizing & Minority Engagement, 1-800-552-9554



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