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Legal Issues: What to Know and Do

Our legal issues workshops provide authoritative guidance on laws and regulations you need to understand. We emphasize practical implications. Sessions may be combined to build a one-day workshop.



Grievance in Virginia Public Schools (1 hour)
Informs leaders how the school employees' grievance procedures work, what VEA staff do regarding grievances, and the role leaders should play in this process. Contact: Dena Rosenkrantz at 1-800-552-9554.

Reducing Your Professional Liabilities (2 1/2 to 5 hours)
Focuses on reducing educational employees' liabilities in the workplace, with an emphasis on maintaining and managing student records and gaining skills for successful conferences. Statutory and case law discussed as appropriate. Contact: Dena Rosenkrantz at 1-800-552-9554.
Child Abuse and Child Protective Services (1 to 3 hours)
This session covers the employee's role, responsibility, and risk inherent in the Virginia Child Abuse and Neglect Act. Contact: Dena Rosenkrantz at 1-800-552-9554.
Special Education Issues (2 hours)
A comprehensive discussion of special education requirements for teachers, disciplining special education students under current laws, and IEP strategies. Contact: Dena Rosenkrantz at 1-800-552-9554.

Sexual Harassment (2 hours)
Deals with the developing litigation and law of sexual harassment in schools, both as a workplace for the employee and as a learning environment for students. Contact: Dena Rosenkrantz at 1-800-552-9554.
Employee Non-renewal, Dismissal and Suspension (1 hour)
This session deals with the finer points of the law concerning non-renewals, dismissals, and suspensions of employees under Virginia law. Contact: Dena Rosenkrantz at 1-800-552-9554.
Educators' Employment Liability (EEL) Policy (1 hour)
This session can be tailored for new employees and new members as an explanation of coverage guaranteed by the Association's EEL Policy. Contact: Dena Rosenkrantz at 1-800-552-9554.
Employment Discrimination Issues (1 to 3 hours)
This session deals with the laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, and disability. The program can focus on issues particular to one of the protected categories, for example, age discrimination, or provide a more general review of fair employment practice laws. Contact: Dena Rosenkrantz at 1-800-552-9554. 
Workplace Issues for School Support Professionals
This session can deal with any combination of the following issues as deemed appropriate by the audience: Fair Labor Standards Act; Student discipline; School bus-related issues; administering medication and performing emergency first aid; HIV/blood-borne pathogens and cleanup, and others. Contact: Dena Rosenkrantz at 1-800-552-9554.

Free Speech (1 to 2 hours)
Reviews court decisions on the free speech rights of public education employees and students. Contact: Dena Rosenkrantz at 1-800-552-9554. 

Workers' Compensation (2 hours)
Covers employee rights under the Workers' Compensation Act, highlighting such issues as: when a work injury is compensable, what benefits are provided, and procedures the employee must follow. Contact: Dena Rosenkrantz at 1-800-552-9554.

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