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Join BJ’s Wholesale Club or Renew Your Current Membership

VEA members can join BJ’s for $40, a $10 savings off the regular cost—and, the membership is good for 15 months. That’s three months free. You can also receive a free second household membership card.

In addition, you get BJ’s “Rewards” membership for $80, a $20 savings. Rewards members can earn 2 percent back on most purchases.

This special offer is not available at any BJ’s Club location.

Please email the membership application to:
Laura Celosse
BJ's Corporate Sales Representative

Click here to get your application.

Existing members can also renew their memberships at the discount rate and gain the additional three months.

For directions and locations near you, go to and click on "Locations."

BJ’s accepts major credit cards and all manufacturers' coupons.

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