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VEA Board of Directors

The VEA president and vice president are elected by the entire membership for two-year terms with a two-term limit.

VEA President
Jim Livingston
116 South Third Street
Richmond, VA 23219
(804) 648-5801
(Biography of Jim Livingston)

VEA Vice President
Dr. James J. Fedderman

NEA Directors

NEA directors are apportioned among the states based on the number of members. Virginia is entitled to three NEA directors. They are elected to three-year terms and are re-electable once. NEA directors help set NEA policy and are available to speak to local Associations and local members about NEA stands and issues. Reports from your NEA Directors are posted in the Members Only area under "VEA Governance."

Current NEA Directors from Virginia are:
Carol Bauer,
Precious Crabtree,
Charlotte Hayer,

Gwen Edwards
Barbara Powell

Dr. Dennis Pfennig 
Denise Davis

SVEA President
Yancey "Catie" Kruger

Click here to view the VEA Board of Directors

Board Members Representing VEA Districts
(Note: Where only one name is listed, that individual serves as District President. Other District Presidents are signified with an *)

District A
James Puckett

District B
Robbie Jones

District C
Melissa Amos

District D
Joy Kirk

District E
Kevin Hickerson*
Allison Batty

District F
Riley O'Casey*
Megan Link  

District G
David Palanzi*
Alison MacArthur

District H
Ingrid Gant*
Madeline Wingate-Alfonso      

District I
Connie Finney

District J
Rebecca Jasman

District K
Steven Whitten

District L
Sonia Smith 

District M
A. Ramon Moore

District N
Ethel Williams 

District O
Kelly Walker 

District P
Afreen Gootee*
Rhonda Wagner

District Q
Peter Pfotenhauer*
David Vita 



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