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VEA Committees

VEA committees are appointed by the VEA president to advise in critical areas of our work. Ad hoc committees are appointed as needed. View committee charges and membership below. (Please report changes to Sandra Melvin at .)

Elections Campaign Practices Committee (2017-2018)

This committee canvasses ballots for state, general and/or special elections and reports the results to the VEA Board of Directors. Committee members should be delegates to the VEA Convention.

This committee reviews the VEA Campaign Regulations, statewide election procedures, and makes recommendations to the VEA Board of Directors. The committee reviews VEA statewide candidates' campaign practices and expenditures and reports to the VEA Board. The committee meets during the Delegate Assembly to respond to campaign inquiries.

Ethel Williams, Co-Chair
Steve Whitten, Co-Chair
Melissa Amos
Allison Batty
Carol Bauer
Cassandra Bell
Gwen Edwards
A. Ramon Moore
James "Gary" Puckett
Tony Williams
Barbara Rackley, Staff Liaison

Communications - Public Relations Committee (2017-2018)

This committee advises the Office of Communications, Marketing, and Technology on internal communication systems to ensure that they meet the needs of members and local associations, and advises the Office on enhancing the VEA image with internal and external audiences.

Members of this committee also advise on appropriate use of cutting-edge communications technology and encourage the involvement of local associations in public relations activities.

Jennifer Rokasky, Co-Chair
Kimberly Adams, Co-Chair
Kathy Frakes
Mattie Gould
Timothy Hickey
Holly Jackson-Conrad
Melanie Lewis
Sarah Pedersen
Amy Verner
Rhonda Wagner
Morgan Brown (SVEA member)
Board Liaisons: Dorothy Carter, David Palanzi
John O'Neil, Staff Liaison

Credentials Committee (2017-2018)

This committee certifies delegates to the VEA Delegate Assembly and assist during business sessions during the Assembly.

Megan Link, Co-Chair
Barbara Wilson, Co-Chair
Chris Adams
Cassandra Bell
Clesta Foor
Wendell Foster
Wanda Gant
Jonathon Kite
Richard Thompson
Katie Vincent
Ann Robinson, Staff Liaison

Education Support Professionals (ESP) Committee (2017-2018)

This committee makes recommendations as appropriate to increase the integration of educational support concerns into Association policies and programs, and thereby enhance the Association's image among education support professionals.

Members make recommendations for conferences as applicable, and recommendations designed to enhance the local Association's ability to improve benefits available to education support professionals.

Gwen Edwards, Chair
Virginia Higginbotham
Bobby Jenkins
Robbie Jones
Alyce Pope
Concetta Smith
Tonya Tillman
Debra Vaughan
Lori Walls
Board Liaisons: Allison Batty, Barbara Powell, Tony Williams
Naila Holmes, Staff Liaison

Executive/Budget Committee (2017-2018)

This committee advises the VEA president and the VEA Board of Directors on critical Association and education issues. The committee prepares the annual VEA budget to be recommended to the VEA Board of Directors.

Jim Livingston, President
James Fedderman, Vice President
Carol Bauer, NEA Director
Christina Bohringer
Gwen Edwards
Sam Eure, Jr.
Kevin Hickerson
Steven Lavery
Ethel Williams

Fitz Turner Commission for Human Relations and Civil Rights (2017-2018)

This commission reviews human relations needs in the VEA programs and recommends steps to intensify commitment to advance human dignity of every individual, monitors extremist activities within the educational environment, particularly incidences of stealth candidates, censorship, and other extremist influences on curriculum and educational policy, and recommends appropriate action to the VEA president and Board of Directors.

Members promote the observance of holidays and recognitions highlighting the wealth of diversity within Virginia.

Commission members screen applicants for the Fitz Turner, Mary Hatwood Futrell, Youth Awards, and the Beblon G. Parks Scholarship make appropriate recommendations to the VEA president.

The commission reviews VEA and NEA Resolutions relating to human and civil rights and advises the Board of Directors regarding implementation.
All terms begin September 1 and end August 31.

Charlotte Hayer, Chair
Vickie Barton
Marjorie Bowers-Stanley 
Shirley J. Cordell-Robinson
Matthew Fentress
Ernest Holley
Lenora Ingram
Holly Jackson-Conrad
Andy Kiser
Amy Lamb
JoEllen Livingston
Donna Lopez
Tuwanna Okafor
Henrietta Russell
Valarie Spruill
Naila Holmes, Staff Liaison

Instructional and Professional Development (IPD) Committee (2017-2018)

This committee communicates with members on current instructional and professional development issues. Members make recommendations as needed from information on reform initiatives, policies, and regulations which relate  to teacher quality, student learning, and other education issues.

The committee screens applicants for the the Mini-Grant Program and for the NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence and makes appropriate recommendations to the VEA President.

Becky Austin, Chair
Teresa Abdulbaaqee
Lashel Bradley
Emily Freed
Samantha Killion
Judith Knight
Nateesha Maryland
Christopher McAuliffe
Marcy McLeod
Erin Merrill
Thea Paul
Davell Smith
Chantea Wright
Coty Frye (SVEA member)
Board Liaisons: Christina Bohringer, Carol H. Medawar, Kelly Walker
Dr. Antoinette Rogers, Staff Liaison

Legislative Committee (2017-2018)

This committee recommends the VEA Legislative Agenda to the Board of Directors, serves in an advisory capacity to the VEA president during the General Assembly session, and reports the status of VEA-supported legislation and other legislative activities to the VEA Board.

Sam Eure, Co-Chair
Rebecca Jasman
David Kinsella
Joy Kirk
Carol H. Medawar
A. Ramon Moore
Kelly Walker
Melissa Warren
Jim Livingston, President, Co-Chair (ex-officio, voting)
James Fedderman, Vice President (ex-officio, non-voting)
Kathy Burcher, Staff Liaison

Membership Committee (2017-2018)

(UniServ Council Chairs)
(UniServ Standards Advisory Committee - USAC)

The committees makes recommendations regarding strategies to increase and maintain a high level of VEA membership.

The committee reviews documentation concerning the level of knowledge and participation in organizing and negotiations activities on the state and local level, and makes recommendations for expanding activities as appropriate. The committee also reviews unit composition and UniServ operation standards and makes recommendations to the VEA Board of Directors.

Members of this committee serve as a vehicle for UniServ units to discuss joint concerns and goals, and screen applications for the A+ Award for Membership Growth and make recommendations to the VEA President.

Blue Ridge - Sarah Amick
Central Virginia - Carmen Sitton
Chesapeake Bay - Kelly Walker
Chesterfield/Colonial Heights - Sonia Smith
Colonial - Katrice "Kati" Rutherford
Commonweath - Melissa Amos
Cumberland Mountain - Phyllis Mullins
Dominion - Amy Lamb
Ed-U-Serv - Nateesha Maryland
Elizabeth River - Charletta Williams
Fairfax - Kevin Hickerson
Loudoun - Dave Palanzi
Mountain View - Ramona Crane
New River - Erin Bull
NOVA (Alexandria & Arlington) - Jaim Foster
Piedmont - Mary "Kate" Wells
Prince William - Cynthia "Riley" O'Casey
Richmond - A. Ramon Moore
Southside - Charlene Hofler
Southwest VA - Tracey Mercier, Chair
Tidewater - Sidney Neighbours
Valley - Tracy Hinty
Breanne Armbrust, Staff Liaison - USAC

Minority and Women's Concerns Committee (2017-2018)

This committee advises the President and Board of Directors, as appropriate, regarding diversity, multicultural, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender equity issues and programs, employment practices, and other issues and programs of concern to minorities and women, with special emphasis on state initiatives which promote equity.

Members receive information on the content, delivery, and selection of the peer training for the Minority Leadership Training Program, the Women's Leadership Training Program, and the Diversity Training Program, and makes recommendations to the President and Board of Directors as appropriate.

The committee identifies training needs of members and suggests development of appropriate programs to the President and Board of Directors.

The committee makes specific recommendations to the President and Board of Directors regarding appropriate means and methods for continuing minority input into the Association.

The committee reviews materials available to educators to assist in the identification and protection of at-risk and abused children in addition to reviewing VEA and NEA resolutions relating to minority and women's concerns and advises the VEA Board regarding their implications.

Toney McNair, Chair
Bettye Belle
Linda Breeden-Wallace
Gwendolyn Briggs
Iysha Burt
Jaim Foster
Donna Lopez
Carla Okouchi
Kauser Shahid
Dorothy Smith
Cathy P. Walker
Lola McDowell (VEA-Retired member)
Catie Kruger (SVEA member )
Board Liaisons: Amanda Blanchard, Afreen Gootee, Riley O'Casey, Sonia Smith
Naila Holmes, Staff Liaison

Professional Rights & Responsibilities (PR&R) Commission (2017-2018)

This commission is charged with reviewing and recommending action regarding the legal rights of members.
All terms begin September 1 and end August 31.

Executive Committee (elected Spring 2017)
Sidney Neighbours, Chair
Mitch Cunningham, Vice Chair
Amy S. Lamb
Melanie Lewis
Melissa Warren


Beverly Abbott
Alexa Battani
Keisha Baylor
Scott Bowser
Laura M. Jones
Leslie Jones
James "Gary" Puckett
April Thomas (alt.)
Jeremy Utt
Bonnie Yoder
Dena Rosenkrantz, Staff Liaison

Resolutions Committee (2017-2018)

This committee reviews, edits, and proposes amendments to the VEA Resolutions. Members conduct an open hearing on proposed Resolutions and present proposed Resolutions to the VEA Delegate General Assembly.

James Fedderman, Chair
District A: James Puckett
District B: Erin Graham
District C: Kevin Hanna
District D: Kim Okland
District E: Kitty Reip, Precious Crabtree
District F: DeShauna Thornton, Tabatha Zarkauskas
District G: Mitch Cunningham, Corey Griswold
District H: Joshua Folb, Tamara Metz
District I: Connie Finney
District J: Sarah Amick
District K: Mary T. Davis
District L: Sonia Smith
District M: Angela Moss
District N: Angela Peterson, Mary Ellen Stith
District O: Renee Perry
District P: Jennifer Andrews, Kati Rutherford
District Q: Renee Beverly, Linda Powell
Retired Reps: Barbara Wilson, Pat Kennedy
SVEA Rep: Catie Kruger
NEA Resolutions: Angela Dews, Charles "Chuck" Ronco, Brittany Jones, Gwen Edwards (ESP), Miles Carey (Internal Editing)
John O'Neil, Staff Liaison

Special Education Committee (2017-2018)

This committee studies proposals and state regulations, such as Special Education Regulations, SOLs and SOAs, for the education of students with disabilities and makes recommendations for Association policy in special education.

Members study proposals and federal regulations, such as IDEA and ESEA, for the education of students with disabilities and makes recommendations for Association policy in special education.

Committee members review proposals and regulations for licensure and standards for approval of teacher education programs for special education teachers and make recommendations for Association policy.

Gloria Collins, Chair
Jennifer Gunderson
Christine Hawley
Karen Jennings
Cheryl Knight
Bradley Mock
Jodi Nicholson
Renee Perry
Janice Robinson
Sharon Helbert (VEA-Retired member)
Ashley Shanfelter (SVEA member)
Board Liaisons:  Dave Kinsella, Alison MacArthur
Dr. Antoinette Rogers, Staff Liaison

VEA Convention Mike Spotters (2016-2018)

They assist at the VEA Delegate Assembly in recognizing members who wish to be recognized.

Jane M. Larimer, Chair
Connie Coates
Mary Ellen Haines 
Katherine Hairston
Sylvia Hutto
Lois Switzer
Dana Tickle
Kathy Bowles, Staff Liaison

2017 NEA Convention Planning Team

This team reviews the NEA Convention process and makes appropriate recommendations to the VEA Board.

Afreen Gootee, Co-Chair
Joy Kirk, Co-Chair
Carol Bauer
Amanda Blanchard
Dorothy Carter
Gwen Edwards
James Fedderman
Connie Finney
Kevin Hickerson
Riley O'Casey
Barbara Powell
Ethel Williams




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