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Q: I think budget worries at the state and local level are going to mean more students in my classroom. What is the law on class size?

A: The Standards of Quality include provisions on class size in Paragraph G of Virginia Code section $ 22.1-253.13:1. You can find this statute on the web by visiting the Virginia General Assembly Home page at and searching the Virginia Code.

Notice that the statute addresses average class size division wide , and school wide in middle and high schools. Your division may meet the statutory standard because the large classes you teach are averaged against smaller classes in your building or other schools in the division. There are upper limits of 29:1 for Kindergarten with an aide required for classes of more that 25, 30:1 for Grades 1-3, and 35:1 for Grades 4-6.

Thanks for your question. I hope you will let your legislators know how many students you teach, and how class size affects your students.


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