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Will my benefits change over the summer in another school division?

Q: I am hoping to get a job in another school division but worry I won't have salary or health insurance over the summer.

A: Most Virginia school divisions pay salary and benefits over twelve months.  The teacher completes the contract at the end of the academic year but the school division spreads payment out over the calendar year.  By completing your teaching responsibilities you earn full compensation including your summer pay and benefits.
Some Virginia school divisions save money by paying departing teachers a lump sum at the end of June instead of continuing regular paychecks over the summer.   Terminal payment ends insurance coverage.  VEA insists that school divisions seeking to avoid summer salary and insurance payments for departing teachers adopt a school policy and clearly explain the terminal payment provision when the school year and contract begin.  The division should also give teachers ending their employment COBRA notice of the right to continue group insurance coverage at their own expense with instructions for paying the premium.
Virginia Code section 22.1-304 and Regulations of the State Board of Education require you to give your current school division timely notice you are resigning.  If you give notice of resignation for the next school year before April 15 you need not be "released" or get school board approval.  After April 15 you must offer your reason for resigning in writing and the school board must release you from your teaching contract for next school year.   It gets harder to resign after June 1 and a new school division may not hire you without proof you have been released from your teaching contract with the current school division.

I am pleased you consulted the Association to plan for your move.  Your UniServ Director can assist you to review your current teaching contract and local policy addressing salary and insurance.  We look forward to your continued membership and offer best wishes for your new teaching position.


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