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“Any teacher worth his or her salt knows that if you really want to measure the level of student thinking, you have to have students write. Answers to multiple-choice questions can often be faked; answers to essay questions cannot.”
Kelly Gallagher, teacher and author

"I think our great young teachers should make $100,000."
U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

“Every time the superintendent goes to a conference, the teachers get worried, because they know he’s going to come back with something he wants to try. We should start where students’ weaknesses and shortcomings are and then seek strategies to help [teachers] understand those shortcomings.”
Thomas R. Guskey, professor, University of Kentucky, on professional development

“When you overlay No Child Left Behind testing requirements over state testing requirements, you’ve got overkill.”
Bob Schaeffer, public education director, The National Center for Fair & Open Testing

“Among those handful of things you must do in a given day, I hope that one of them -- every day -- is to greet your students, and to also extend a warm, helping hand to your colleagues and to parents. If you do this daily, your other tasks for the day will seem lighter and more manageable.”
Maurice Elias, director of the Social-Emotional Learning Lab, Rutgers University

“It's kind of scary how much of what goes on in a classroom is decided, either directly or indirectly, by people far away from classrooms who have never taught and may never have even attended a public school.”
Elena Aguilar, a California-based school improvement coach

“The more we demand from teachers the more we have to demand from students and parents.”
Thomas Friedman, author, The World is Flat

“Countries like Finland, Japan and South Korea have improved their schools by offering a rich and broad curriculum in the arts and sciences, not by focusing only on testing basic skills, as we do.”
Diane Ravitch, education historian and author

“It’s time to have a conversation about what's right in our schools, what's working. And as we debate what to do to fix the problems, let's remember that there are successes in education every day we can emulate.”
George Lucas, filmmaker and founder of the George Lucas Educational Foundation


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