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Association Members Talk About VEA Mini-Grants

A VEA Mini-Grant of up to $500 has been a springboard to better, more innovative teaching and learning for Association members across Virginia. Here’s what three of them have to say:

As a VEA member, I always knew there were multiple benefits to belonging to the Association, both inside and outside of the classroom. I recently discovered a whopper of a benefit for inside the classroom -- the VEA Mini-Grant. In this climate of declining school budgets, this grant has allowed me to secure $500 worth of materials for my classroom to further educate, engage and enlighten my students. I encourage all VEA members to actively seek funding through the VEA mini-grant source.
Anne Straume, Albemarle County

From purchasing CDs and audio books, to establishing a container garden, to teaching students how to run a business using the Mini Society, to changing the 2nd grade hallway into a zoo and learning about habitats, to designing t-shirts, to getting a digital camera to take pictures of what was going on in the classroom daily and having students write about it, my students have greatly benefited from the VEA Mini-Grants.

The process is very easy.  During the spring, you can get the grant application from VEA. It includes a proposal outline where you must title your project, describe it briefly, provide a budget, list activities you plan to do with the grant, and explain how you plan to evaluate the success of the project.  The selection criterion is given so you know how your project will be graded.  The most important part is making sure that you itemize your budget and explain how the money is going to be used.

So take an idea, thought, or project that you are interested in and turn it into a grant proposal.  Who knows, it might get funded!
Kim Beuerle, Lynchburg

With the program funded by my VEA Mini-Grant, students had the opportunity to participate in engaging activities, learn through self-discovery, and use real-life contexts to practice math skills. I strongly recommend that any teacher wanting to implement an innovative classroom project apply for this grant—without these extra resources, this project would not have become a reality.
Kelly Stewart, Montgomery County

 The deadline for applying for a 2010-11 Mini-Grant is June 1. To get your application rolling, just go to the VEA website at, click on “In the Classroom” and then go to “Grants & Awards.”


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