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Virginia Journal of Education

Speaking of Education

“Today, 15.5 million children in America live in poverty, including more than one in three black children and one in three Hispanic children. The best hope these children have of lifting themselves out of poverty is a quality education.”
Marian Wright Edelman, president, Children’s Defense Fund

“Surely schools can deliver more than one message. In addition to ‘get a job,’ we might add ‘get a life’: A rich, full life where informed citizenship isn’t an afterthought.”
Jim Hass, professor emeritus, Webster University-Kansas City

“We have research that shows that attendance is a really remarkable indicator. It’s easy to understand; it’s available on every child, every week, every day; and it both predicts failure and acts as an early warning alert.”
Jane Sundius, director, Education and Youth Development Program at the Open Society Institute

“Curricula need to be written with inspiration in mind. Does this unit have the capacity to inspire?”
David Rockower, a Pennsylvania middle school teacher

“A lot of the discussion about performance pay is based on a faulty assumption that the reason we don’t have higher test scores is that teachers are shirking their responsibilities.”
Helen F. Ladd, professor  of public policy and economics, Duke University

“Teachers need a schedule that gives them time to think, plan and assess their own and their students’ work.”
Elena Silva, senior policy analyst, Education Sector

“There are going to be problems if our kids eat foods layered with fat, sugar and salt for lunch at school, if they use vending machines there, and if stores around the school also sell products that are layered with fat, sugar and salt.”
David A. Kessler, former commissioner, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

“Many students today are aware of global threats to the environment but hardly notice what’s happening on a more personal scale—that their physical contact with nature on a day-to-day basis is fading.”
Richard Louv, author, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder



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