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SchoolTube Site Shares Educational Videos

Schooltube is a free, moderated video-sharing website for both teachers and students, offering a wide range of student-produced and instructional videos for classroom use. Teachers can use the approved media right away, learn from colleagues and leaders, and share their own ideas and teaching tips with other educators around the country.

Teachers can learn the ins and outs of video production and digital storytelling, how to integrate technology into the curriculum smoothly, and see and use videos in a wide range of browseable subject areas.

To find out more, visit

Book Helps Teach
Va. Government

Virginia’s middle school curriculum calls for teachers to cover how the state’s government works, and a new book authored by a professor at George Mason University may provide a helpful resource. Called Governing the Commonwealth, the 108-page paperback, written by Robert Dudley, looks at Virginia’s government structure, constitution and history. Each chapter also has two sections, “Why It Matters” and “How It’s Done in Other States” that explore the topics in more depth.

In addition, an accompanying Teacher’s Guide offering classroom objectives and activities is available separately.

To order the book, which costs $19.50, visit the University of Virginia Press website at

Constitutional Info Available

Through the website of the Bill of Rights Institute, classroom teachers have access to a variety of resources that can help the Constitution come alive for students. Among the information available at the site,, are:

• Lesson plans based on primary source documents;
• Weekly e-lessons;
• Professional development on demand, in the form of constitutional seminars; and
• A store with additional resources.

Interest Your Students
in Engineering Careers

A website, called “Engineering: Go For It,” created by the American Society for Engineering Education invites students to explore possibilities in an engineering career. The newly expanded site offers a magazine, available in both online and print formats, which highlights engineer profiles, careers and opportunities; a newsletter; profiles of engineering students; and a section for teachers, which includes classroom activities and lesson plans, classified by grade level, and a listing of Web resources.

To check out the site, visit



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